Spring Cleaning Day 1

Green Lemonade and Broccoli Soup

We started our day with drink number one: Green Lemonade. I modified the quantities somewhat as I don’t have a juice extractor, but rather a Vitamix blender. It was thicker and frothier and while my daughter found it too sour, we drank up and enjoyed.
Our lunch would be a little off: it was leftovers from the evening before. Sautéed vegetables in a coconut sauce, with noodles made from a Japanese root. It has some corn starch and the dish had organic GMO free tofu. Other than that, for better or worse we were off to a good start.

In the evening I came home and got the cleansing broth going while Walter ran to pick up a few missing ingredients. During that time I got to browse the on line version of the article. Online you can launch a little app called ziplist which allows you to create shopping lists with a couple of clicks for each recipe. In this tool I created lists for weeks one, two and three. I still think it would be better to include a weekly shopping list that gives you quantities for one, two, and four participants. And online there could even be a calculator where you plug in the number of people and the quantities adjusts accordingly.

Dinner for night one was a creamy broccoli soup with the broth as the base. As I just made the broth, I used the spinach from it for the soup. The recipe worked as expected and it was delicious.

What’s for Breakfast? Did You Say Soup?

Vegetable Miso Soup

Thinly sliced swiss chard, just a leaf or two, carrot slivers, shitake mushrooms, finely cut scallions, and small cubes of firm tofu simmered in water.  Then, a couple of teaspoons of miso paste stirred in.  Breakfast?  It was for me and my daughter this morning.

I remember being a little girl at a friend’s house and just wanting tomato soup for breakfast.  My hosts thought it was an odd choice but it hit the spot.  While we are accustomed to particular breakfast foods like eggs and bagels, do you ever get a craving for soup in the morning?  Especially on a cold morning this is a terrific way to start your day.   Miso soup can be put together in 10-15 minutes.  Just pull a few veggies out of the fridge, thinly slice and let simmer for a few minutes. It’s filled with healthy ingredients so why not listen to this craving? Fill up and warm up all at once.