Spring Cleaning Day 1

Green Lemonade and Broccoli Soup

We started our day with drink number one: Green Lemonade. I modified the quantities somewhat as I don’t have a juice extractor, but rather a Vitamix blender. It was thicker and frothier and while my daughter found it too sour, we drank up and enjoyed.
Our lunch would be a little off: it was leftovers from the evening before. Sautéed vegetables in a coconut sauce, with noodles made from a Japanese root. It has some corn starch and the dish had organic GMO free tofu. Other than that, for better or worse we were off to a good start.

In the evening I came home and got the cleansing broth going while Walter ran to pick up a few missing ingredients. During that time I got to browse the on line version of the article. Online you can launch a little app called ziplist which allows you to create shopping lists with a couple of clicks for each recipe. In this tool I created lists for weeks one, two and three. I still think it would be better to include a weekly shopping list that gives you quantities for one, two, and four participants. And online there could even be a calculator where you plug in the number of people and the quantities adjusts accordingly.

Dinner for night one was a creamy broccoli soup with the broth as the base. As I just made the broth, I used the spinach from it for the soup. The recipe worked as expected and it was delicious.

Spring Cleaning for the Body

First Week Pow WowWe are finally going to do it; spring cleaning for the body: a three week cleanse! Back in January I read about a cleanse that seemed very palatable. I have done several different types and what I liked about this was you could eat the whole time and you didn’t need to invest in all sorts of supplements. Just real whole food, preferably organic.

I definitely wanted to try it but when – months went by? Then Katya, my daughter, suggested we do the cleanse. With Walter, my husband, in agreement, we picked Monday as our day to begin. We figured all was in the magazine so after a beach morning on Sunday, we went to do the shopping for week one.

The magazine wasn’t as well organized as we would have liked – including some recipes being left out. We did our best to get everything so we could follow the plan as closely as possible. As a health coach I wanted to see if this would be something good to recommend to clients.

The day got away from us so I didn’t have too much time to prepare. I did make us a great dinner that would be a good substitute for the first day’s lunch even though it included tofu.

Stay posted to see how we progress…

Chealthy Challah

spelt challahI love baking challah.  Kneading the dough is especially relaxing for me.  It is a comfort when the house is filled with a warming aroma while the challah is in the oven.

So how I could I refuse the Chabad Prospect Heights when they asked me to participate in a challah making workshop?  My focus was to show how to make healthy challah.  The challah I make is always with whole grains, and a small amount of honey instead sugar.

So what is challah anyway?  It is a delicious bread that is eaten on the Sabbath and Festival meals.  (And it also makes great french toast.)  Challah is meant to represent the ‘manna’ or food that came down from the heavens while Jews were wandering the desert.

There are specific rules about Challah and how it is made.  It can only be made from 5 specific grains. These are wheat, spelt, barley, rye, and oat. Traditionally challah is made with white flour but I prefer the whole grains. For the class I made a spelt challah which went over very well. But let’s not forget the gluten intolerant. For this crowd, myself included, I made little oat challah rolls. Oat happens to be the only permissible grain for making challah that does not contain gluten. Yum!

If you would like to bake the spelt or oat challah send me a comment and I will email you the recipes.

Where’s the Beef? A New Taste for Stroganoff.

For some reason when my mother was describing a dinner she attend where she was served Beef Bourguignon it made me think of Stroganoff.  Not just any, but mom’s in particular.  She made this dish for us as kids and it always felt fancy and tasted great.  I hadn’t thought about this dish until this point but I remembered how much I enjoyed it. Not the beef per se, but the flavor of the wine and mustard. The creaminess of the sauce.  What’s a girl to do who doesn’t eat meat, wheat or dairy?!

Mom’s response? Make it vegan. Make it gluten free. You can do it. You will just have to find replacements for the beef, the cream…

I headed for my computer and looked online. The recipes all shared paprika, mustard, and soy sauce. Some had broth, others wine.  All had flour. All had soy.  So, with a little imagination I had to come up with something different. Cashew Cream, shitake mushrooms and a gluten free pasta – my favorite brand is Ancient Harvest.  And I chose the wine, a nice dry white, over the broth.

The result fulfilled my childhood memory, left me sated and my family thoroughly enjoyed a new entry to our meal menu.