Where’s the Beef? A New Taste for Stroganoff.

For some reason when my mother was describing a dinner she attend where she was served Beef Bourguignon it made me think of Stroganoff.  Not just any, but mom’s in particular.  She made this dish for us as kids and it always felt fancy and tasted great.  I hadn’t thought about this dish until this point but I remembered how much I enjoyed it. Not the beef per se, but the flavor of the wine and mustard. The creaminess of the sauce.  What’s a girl to do who doesn’t eat meat, wheat or dairy?!

Mom’s response? Make it vegan. Make it gluten free. You can do it. You will just have to find replacements for the beef, the cream…

I headed for my computer and looked online. The recipes all shared paprika, mustard, and soy sauce. Some had broth, others wine.  All had flour. All had soy.  So, with a little imagination I had to come up with something different. Cashew Cream, shitake mushrooms and a gluten free pasta – my favorite brand is Ancient Harvest.  And I chose the wine, a nice dry white, over the broth.

The result fulfilled my childhood memory, left me sated and my family thoroughly enjoyed a new entry to our meal menu.

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