Spring Cleaning for the Body

First Week Pow WowWe are finally going to do it; spring cleaning for the body: a three week cleanse! Back in January I read about a cleanse that seemed very palatable. I have done several different types and what I liked about this was you could eat the whole time and you didn’t need to invest in all sorts of supplements. Just real whole food, preferably organic.

I definitely wanted to try it but when – months went by? Then Katya, my daughter, suggested we do the cleanse. With Walter, my husband, in agreement, we picked Monday as our day to begin. We figured all was in the magazine so after a beach morning on Sunday, we went to do the shopping for week one.

The magazine wasn’t as well organized as we would have liked – including some recipes being left out. We did our best to get everything so we could follow the plan as closely as possible. As a health coach I wanted to see if this would be something good to recommend to clients.

The day got away from us so I didn’t have too much time to prepare. I did make us a great dinner that would be a good substitute for the first day’s lunch even though it included tofu.

Stay posted to see how we progress…

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  1. This is a time for vegetable juices or broths, as the enzymes in fresh vegetable juices provide extra nutrients that help your body eliminate toxins.

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