Spring Cleaning Day 2

Cauliflower Stir Fry

I actually enjoyed this morning’s breaksfast despite the hemming and hawing from my Walter and Katya.  It was a cucumber pear juice spiced up with fresh ginger that to me was refreshing and had just the right bite to it.
Cucumber Pear Juice

For Katya and I, I heated up the broccoli soup and packed us up a lunch that also included sliced apple drizzled with lemon and a side of almonds.
I also toted along the Golden Elixir which is a concoction with hot water, lemon, spices and honey.  I didn’t have the tumeric but used cinnamon and it was like drinking a delicious spicey apple cider throughout the day.
Dinner was a stir fry using cauliflower finely chopped as the ‘rice’ with a mix of vegetables.  I did leave out the sweet red pepper because I don’t like the taste of cooked peppers.  As the cook I got to make that choice!
I also got creative with the left over vegetables from the broth.  I just couldn’t stand to see those go to waste so I pureed them with some tahini, curry, salt and pepper.  Even my daughter reached for more!

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