Spring Cleaning Day 3

Well this morning’s drink was a hit. Yeah! A minty blueberry avocado smoothy. I don’t think Katya will ask for it on a regular basis but she actually smiled and was able to get it down before having to leave for school. I didn’t really hear any complaints so that was a good start.

I was also able to heat up in the pan last nights left overs and pack that up along with apple/almond ‘sandwiches’ for her lunch!

Broccoli soup topped with avocado again. This time I used more spinach than broccoli to change it up a bit. To accompany that we also had the left over broth vegetable dip with baby carrots. I like different textures with a meal so it just seemed like a good idea to have something nice and crunchy to go along with the creamy soup.

The broth was finished so I had a night of cooking ahead of me, food for tomorrow and a new batch of broth. I also made the sweet potato snack. Preparing these meals for three and working full time makes for less sleep. Hmmmm. With all the cooking and the food the kitchen was just a mess so I spent the time getting that all in order which makes it a better environment for me to create food in. It was a late night!

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