Spring Cleaning Day 7

Food shopping at Bearrs Groves MarketWhat a great day.  It’s mother’s day for starters and I was brought the delicious minty blueberry shake with fresh squeezed oranges.  Today Katya and I will deviate a little from the cleanse as we are meeting a friend for brunch in St Pete.  I found a raw, vegan, sugar-free, gluten free place that would allow us to actually socialize while still supporting the ingredients for week one.

We went to the Leafy Green Café and feasted on a Thai curry soup.  We were wondering if it would be warm or cold and my tongue was surprised when it received a cold spoonful.  It was most flavorful with hints of curry, lemon grass and basil. We  followed up the soup with veggie “pizza”.  The crust was made from hemp and walnut which made Katya’s eyes roll.   The vegetables on top were jump off the plate fresh with just the right hints of basil. This wasn’t your typical New York pizza, but it tasted very good.   Katya thought so too, even if she did pick off every piece of cucumber and could make bracelets from the crust!

As it is Sunday we needed to plan and shop for week two of the cleanse. This time we were armed with our ziplist shopping list.  It is not the greatest of lists because it takes each individual ingredient exactly from the recipe instead of accumulating them.  It also categorizes them oddly, like putting sardines in a beer section.

Making an adventure out of it we went to a couple of farmer’s markets getting a great harvest at Bearrs Grove’s market.  We then got the rest at the super market including fish.

For our seventh night dinner we veered a little off the path.  Since we really didn’t like the portabella mushroom recipe we opted to do our own variation.  I grilled them with large scallions and served it along side spaghetti squash topped with kale and garlic.  This really felt more like a meal rather than a side dish of mushroom.  We finished the first week with a bang!

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