Spring Cleaning Week 2 Day 3

stack of gluten free pancakes and fruitWas it worth all the trouble to make pancakes on a busy work and school morning? Seeing Katya go back for seconds pushed it in that direction so I am glad I made enough for her tomorrow.

For my part they were a little mealy. The fruit and honey helped to mask the sort of after bitter taste. I am gluten free and make plenty of gluten free pancakes. They taste good. I won’t be making any more of these.

The rest of the day was crazy and then I spent two hours in the car between getting home and Katya to her piano lesson. I walked in the door at 8pm! It was kind of late to start cooking dinner but we had to eat what was on the menu or similar. I was looking forward to having the salmon in the coconut broth. I love anything involving a coconut. And I was imagining the kitchen filling up with the aromas of lemon grass and garlic.

This is why I was so underwhelmed with this recipe and how over complicated it was: 3 pots, 2 burners, and one oven for just this one part of the meal! Plus the pot I made the quinoa in (it would take too long to make the brown rice). Who cares about all the health benefits РI wanted it to taste good! The dish was disappointingly bland. It would have been so much better to first saut̩ the vegetables, add the cleansing broth and coconut milk, followed by the salmon.

Now I am just waiting for the oat date bars to finish baking. Then it will be off to bed for me!

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