Spring Cleaning Week 2 Day 4


It turns out Katya didn’t really like the pancakes enough to have again. Perhaps with chocolate spread to improve the experience.  Instead, I made us all a delicious smoothies with blueberries, mangoes, avocado, almond milk and a touch of mint.  I really enjoy smoothies and juices as a start to my day and that is generally how I begin.  Katya had some sweet juicy cantaloupe on the side for something to chew on.

I vamped up the coconut salmon adding curry and hot paprika.  I warmed together the fish, quinoa, vegetables and broth.  The spicy smells scenting the kitchen were what I was hoping for last night.  What a happy improvement this was to my palette – an enjoyable lunch indeed!

Tonight’s dinner of roasted vegetables that will include a smoky paprika is very promising. I am serving it with a black Japonica rice instead of quinoa.  I am looking forward to that first bite.

Now for some stretching to loosen up after a long day of work.

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