Have Your Toast and Eat it Too

I was really in the mood for a nice slice of toast and there was no bread in the house.  This was my fault – I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $7 for the loaf of hearty whole grain gluten free bread that I really enjoy.  I thought maybe it was because of the raisins and pecans.  However, the plain loaf was closer to $10! Had I always paid this amount and just wasn’t paying attention?  I just felt that I was being extorted because of my dietary needs.  “I’ll make my own” I said. True, the cost of these specialty flours is quite dear.  But I had a bunch at home for experimenting.  True too, I could follow the tried and true recipes from the gluten free bread books but I didn’t have those flours; and then I would miss out on the fun of experimenting.

What I did instead was use the recipe for my gluten free challah rolls as a guide.  I really like the texture of the rolls and applied the principles to what came out as very tasty buck wheat bread.  Between my husband and I it was gone in just a few days.

It went well for veggie sandwiches and just as easily held peanut butter and preserves.  While it was entirely satisfying there are still some kinks to iron out before I share the recipe – so stay tuned.

Let me know how you have satisfied your toast cravings.

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