Animal Meditation

Today I started reading 5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals by Kathleen Prasad.  Meditation is hard for me as my brain is non stop flitting from here to there and everywhere. I still try. And the moving meditations like Tai Chi and some of the Qi Gong exercises suit me. However I wanted to give this a try.

When ever I practice Reiki on myself, my animals, especially Kona – one of the cats, and Chorizo – our dog are drawn to it. They nudge my hands away from me to them. What happened with this meditation was similarly amazing. This particular meditation was breathing in light and with each exhale letting the light spread over my body and into the universe. I had my eyes closed focusing on the light, and picturing the milky way; feeling very sedate.

At one point my eyes opened slightly and scanning the room Chorizo was in a very deep sleep in the chair to my right. Kona crawled into my lap was gazing up at me,  and then curled in my lap. My other two cats Lou and Lua were lined up in the room one behind the other staring at me quizzically.

The only one of the furries not present was Stu our rabbit. His cage is open all the time, but he doesn’t like to venture out.  I like to imagine he was feeling a deep sense of relaxation in his own space.

I managed to sit this meditation with no music or anything for about 20 minutes. This was really great for me. My mind wandered and I could bring it back.  I think what helped me here was not just the benefits to me, but how this would make a quiet peaceful space for the animals as well.